What are the ISLAs?

The EMEA Information Security Leadership Awards (ISLAs) recognise the people that make a difference in this ever-evolving industry, honouring the tireless efforts and standards of excellence of individuals throughout the private and public sectors across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. These are the only awards that give the professional cybersecurity community — including our vast and vibrant membership of over 20,000 across the region — a credible opportunity to recognise peers and provide notable exposure from the world’s largest nonprofit membership organisation in our field.

Why has (ISC)² created the Information Security Leadership Awards (ISLAs) programme in EMEA?

People are the key to a secure organisation. The EMEA ISLA programme has been created to recognise cybersecurity professionals’ outstanding efforts in the field, with particular focus on workforce improvement. While nominees may hold one of our credentials, the programme is designed to raise awareness of the many successes and achievements of professionals in this industry across the EMEA region, regardless of their certification status.

What are the nomination categories?

You will have a key role as you will be responsible for nominating the Information Security professionals who have distinguished themselves under specific projects, programmes and initiatives, over the region in the four following categories:

- Senior Information Security Professional: someone who has significantly contributed to the enhancement of the information security workforce by demonstrating a leadership role in any information security workforce improvement initiative, program or project. Candidates in this category typically should have at least five years of work experience directly related to information security.

- Information Security Practitioner: an individual who has distinguished themselves for implementing and/or managing the implementation of a component of a security programme. Candidates in this category typically should have at least three years of work experience directly related to information security.

- Up-and-Coming Information Security Professional: a person who is a new, rising star in the information security field. The project, improvement or initiative may not relate to leadership as with the other categories, but rather something that relates to their current position or education.

- Woman Information Security Professional: a female who through her work and commitment, has contributed to women’s representation in the profession and raised awareness to encourage vocations among women. Candidates in this category typically should have at least three years of work experience directly related to information security.

Submissions must align with the category for which they are nominated and will be judged based upon completeness and accuracy of the information provided. Nominations are also judged based on the overall influence, effectiveness and success of the nominees' project, initiative or improvement. Once you have submitted your nomination, the nominee will be contacted by the EMEA ISLA team to verify the submission.  Additionally, nominators and/or supporting project members may be contacted by a member of the EMEA ISLA Judges Committee to confirm the accuracy of the information provided. Please note that it costs nothing to put someone forward for nomination.

When and how can I nominate?

The deadline for (ISC)² EMEA ISLA nominations have been extended to 19th July at midnight BST. Get started today by clicking Register on the top right corner of the homepage.

Are professionals who hold either a non - (ISC)² certification or no certification at all eligible for the ISLAs?

Yes, the EMEA ISLAs are open to all cyber, information, software, infrastructure security professionals, educators or management, who meet the criteria and is independent of certification. However, (ISC)2 staff and the EMEA ISLA Judges Committee are barred from the nomination process.

Can people from outside EMEA nominate those inside the region?

Nominators can come from anywhere, they do not have to be from the EMEA region. It’s just the nominees that must be living and working in the EMEA region.

Can I nominate myself?

No. A supervisor, employee, mentor, peer or colleague that is aware of the nominee’s successes and achievements must submit the nomination. The judging panel, made up of Europe Middle East and Africa Advisory Council (EAC), will evaluate all submissions based on the feedback from the nominator and other input included in the nomination form.

Does the EMEA ISLAs recognise individuals only?

The purpose of EMEA ISLAs is to recognise qualified nominees for their individual accomplishments. However projects, companies and teams are inherently showcased as part of this effort.If relevant, and with the permission of the nominees and nominator, the EMEA ISLAs will mention the project and team that he or she has been nominated for.

If the person I nominate is not aware of the nomination, can he/she decline the recognition?

Both the nominee and the nominator should agree with the content on the nomination form. However, the nominee can choose not to participate at any stage during the process.

I am planning to nominate someone, but I am not sure if the company wants the project to be mentioned (as it is company confidential information). Will (ISC)² accept a nomination form without the project's details?

No. If the nominee does not want some of the information on the application known, the nominator may indicate which parts of the application should be kept confidential. Further, the information will only be used to judge against criteria and will not be distributed outside of the committee or announced publicly, without express consent of the company and the nominee. Members of the judging panel must abide by (ISC)²’s non-disclosure policy. In addition, (ISC)² has a strict privacy policy and will respect all requests for confidentiality.

Can I submit the application form in a language other than English?

No. All submissions should be in English. Supporting documents and any material submitted that is not in English will not be considered. Please also provide a brief description of the document in English, if only a local language supporting document is available.

How does the review process work? Do I need to meet with the EMEA ISLA Judges Committee in person? Do I need to provide follow-up information to the panel?

All the completed nomination forms are sent to the EMEA ISLA Judges Committee in advance of the review session. The panel will spend several hours reviewing the applications individually. A group discussion will be held to review each of the applications in all categories. At the review session, the committee will determine whether a nominee meets the qualification criteria and select at least one individual from each category, whose project initiatives will be showcased at the EMEA ISLA ceremony. It is not necessary to interview the nominees in person. For certain circumstances, if the committee has a specific question, a representative from (ISC)² will contact the nominee.

Will the marking scheme the judging panel uses be made public? Will (ISC)² share the final scores with the nominees?

The results of the committee’s sessions are kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone other the (ISC)² EMEA ISLA Programme Committee and the EMEA ISLA Judges Committee.

When will the results be announced?

After the review process, all qualified nominees will be notified by (ISC)² of the results. Nominees whose project initiative is chosen to be showcased will be invited to participate in an email interview for publicity purposes.

When and where is the EMEA ISLA ceremony being held?

The EMEA ISLAs will be held at the (ISC)² Secure Summit UK in London in December. More details are to be announced.

Can I be nominated for ISLA again next year if I win this year?

Nominees cannot win in the same category for two years in a row. A nominee can participate in the award programme each year if they qualify. If a nominee was showcased this year, the Judging Committee would like them to consider serving on the Nomination Review Committee for in the future. If they agree to serve on the committee, they will not be eligible to participate as a nominee during that year.


Any more Questions? Please contact info-emea@isc2.org.