Guidelines and Procedures


  • Nominees must be living and working in the EMEA region.

  • Submissions must align with the category for which they are nominated and are judged based upon completeness and accuracy of the information provided.

  • Nominations are judged based on the overall influence, effectiveness and success of the nominee's project, initiative or improvement within their department, organisation or company.

  • Please be sure to complete all required sections and save your work at the end of each section. You may return and finish your submission at any time before the submission deadline.

  • You can submit several nominations, including several for the same nominee in different categories as long as the profile and project stay relevant to the category. A separate form is required for each entry, even if you are submitting the same person from more than one category.

  • One individual cannot win the same category for two years in a row. You can nominate a previous winner, including from APAC or Americas ISLA winner now working in EMEA, but only in a category different from the prize received the year before.

  • Travel costs for nominees selected as finalists that live outside the country that is hosting the  ISLA Award ceremony will be sponsored by (ISC)² at economy rate. Travel for finalists living within the ISLA Award ceremony host country will not be sponsored.

  • Once you have submitted your nomination, the nominee will be contacted by the EMEA-ISLA team to verify the submission.

  • Nominators may be contacted by a member of the EMEA-ISLA Judges Committee to confirm accuracy of information provided.Guidelines and procedures may be changed at the discretion of (ISC)²


(ISC)² EMEA ISLA nomination deadline is midnight BST 19th July 2017

For further information, contact