IABC Houston Bronze Quill 2018 - Entry site

Full details on the entry and judging process, as well as details on the the award categories, are available in the 2018 Bronze Quill Awards Guidelines.

Work plan

The work plan is an executive summary of your communication strategy. It can be no more than four (4) pages. If you’re entering the same program or elements of the program in multiple categories, be sure to tailor your work plan so it fits each category.

The work plan should provide the required information for all six (6) sections:

  1. The Business Need or Opportunity
  2. Stakeholder Analysis
  3. Goals and Objectives
  4. The Solution Overview
  5. Implementation and Challenges
  6. Measurement and Evaluation

Work sample(s)

The work sample is the supporting material that illustrates how you planned and implemented your communication program. It can include video and audio files, Word documents, PDFs, magazines, brochures and website links. Your work sample should represent the full scope of your work—evaluators are looking for actual, real examples of the work you did.

Your work sample files must be in .pdf, .png, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .mp3, .mp4, .wmv, .m4v, or .mov formats. If you have more than five work sample files, you should combine them into fewer PDF files.

Each file is limited to 200 MB in size. If you have large video files, you can submit links to where the video is posted online rather than upload the video file itself.

*Incomplete entries will be disqualified.