2017 Entry Preview of the Atlanta Allie Awards


·       Early-bird entries: NOW through Friday, January 5, 2018 at 10:00pm - $100.00 fee.

·       On-time entries:  through Friday, January 12, 2018 at 10:00pm - $125.00 fee.

·       The late entry window will close Monday, January 15, 2018 at 10:00pm - $150.00 fee. 

Entries will not be accepted after this final deadline!



To ensure your entry is eligible for consideration, it is important to comply fully & accurately with the following rules:

A) Entrants must meet at least TWO of the following criteria:

1. Entrant's company is located in metro Atlanta.

2. Entrant's event was held in metro Atlanta.

3. Entrant’s company holds membership in an Atlanta Chapter hospitality association or organization.


B) Event Date:  The event must have occurred between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.


C) Entry Limitations:   Each Company may submit up to TWO entries per category.

                                    Each Company may submit the same event in a maximum of FIVE different categories.


D) Anonymity: The awards are to be judged without recognizing the identity of the company presenting the submission.  Entrant's company name, employees or logo must not appear anywhere in the entry content. If the entrant's name or logo appears within the entry, the judging body is permitted to remove the identifiable portion and deduct points accordingly. This includes your collateral – please thoroughly check your photography images, BEOs, diagrams, documents, spreadsheets, etc…!  If there are repeat offenses, the entry will be disqualified, at the committee’s discretion.

While disqualifications are rare, please be advised of the following notes:

1.     Entries will be disqualified if your company is repeatedly identified in the entry content.

2.     We are unable to notify entrants if their entry is disqualified.

3.     Fees for disqualified entries are not refundable.




The judging panel will be selected by the Allies Awards Inc. Board of Directors and Event Committee, from top-tier event professionals outside of metro Atlanta, and will remain anonymous throughout the judging process.

The nominees and subsequent winners of any given category are based on merit as determined by the panel of judges, and are not based upon the number of entries received in the category. There may not be nominees in every category, regardless of the number of entries received.

Up to three (3) nominees in each category will be notified on or before Monday, February 5, 2018. The awards will be presented at the Allie Awards on Sunday, March 4, 2018. Transportation and tickets are the sole responsibility of the entrants.



All entries must be submitted individually through the online entry process.   As you begin the process, you must first create an ENTRANT user profile to submit.  This person would be contacted if there are any questions regarding the entry content.   The committee recommends creating and editing the written content in a word processing file, then simply cut and paste to the entry site. 



A.     Entry Application Form – Tab #1: ENTRY - Complete the process for each submission.


1. Complete the fields with event specific information.  The Submission Title is how the entry will be identified, creativity is encouraged here.

The Event Title is how your client/company referred to the event internally.

2. Provide a simple statement of responsibility summary of the company/your role, scope of products and/or services, as it pertains to the event. 

3. For Best Team Effort ONLY – within TAB #5 – the Team Leader is responsible for adding each participating team member.  To add new team members, click the “+” icon.  Do not duplicate the team leader as a team member.  The team leaders will provide the all of the written summary statements (100 words max) and full payment fee ($100.00 early entry, $125.00 on-time entry, $150.00 late entry) from each participating team member who wishes to enter (and receive a trophy should the entry win) and uploading all entry content to the entry website. 


B. Awards Night Information – Tab #2: AWARDS NIGHT INFO

1. Submissions Title - (same one used on Entry Tab), the category of entry and a short summary of the event.  MAX 350 total characters, approximately 50 words.  This may be read on the awards evening, should your entry be deemed the top entry.  It may also be used for marketing and PR prior/post event.

2. Provide a single, hi-resolution, LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION IMAGE, .jpg file, which will be used on awards night and for promotional media communications. Please note: this image will not be judged here, however it may be duplicated in your collateral.


C. Written Content – Tab #3: ENTRY DETAILS. 

The Written Event Summary is a description of the event, focused on the entry category with point values noted.  Answers shall be entered in the text boxes provided on the website.  Character limits and word estimates are listed for each entry section.   Spaces and punctuation are counted in the character count.  Do not identify yourself or your company anywhere within this tab.

For entries in Best Team Effort, the used of “you/your company” should reflect the efforts, products and services of the team as a whole, focused on those of the participating vendor partners.


1. Provide a summary of the event to include; setting, purpose, catering format, size and demographic of the guests and your/your company’s unique approach to its execution, as defined by the category.  8,000 characters, approximately 1,000 words.  (20 points)

2. Review the integrated products or services provided by you/your team to provide a uniqueness or WOW factor.  1,500 characters, approximately 250 words. (20 points)

3. Describe the Client’s Goals & Objectives and how you accomplished them.  1,500 characters, approximately 250 words.  (10 points)

4. Describe any significant or unique challenges you faced and solutions executed.  1,500 characters, approximately 250 words.  (10 points)



D. Collateral Attachments/Link – Tab #4: UPLOADS.  Up to 20 files, no collage images.  Use the ‘Choose File’ field to attach and then click the green ‘UPLOAD’ icon.  The collateral files must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .pdf, .doc, .xls, .mpg.  Videos up to 3 minutes in length may also be included, where allowed (MAX video file size 500MB). Press coverage, including social media reviews, magazine or newspaper articles are not permitted. Please ensure your company name, brand or logo is not visible on any pieces of collateral. 

NOTE: If the category has budget parameters, your budget MUST be included as the first piece of collateral, but is not counted within the (20) pieces allotted.  You are required to use the provided template (www.allieawards.com) as a .xls or .pdf.  Budget categories are for the full retail value of the event, including donation value.

E. Payment – click side button for payment.  Credit Card payment will be expected for reconciling the online entry process. Entries submitted during the early-entry window will make a payment fee of $100.00.  Entries submitted during the on-time entry window will make a payment fee of $125.00.  Entries submitted during the late-entry window will make a payment of $150.00




JUDGING SCORE CRITERION of (100) points of merit maximum will be allowed.

The Written Event Summary will allow for 60 points of merit, covering all four questions.

Collateral will allow for total of (20) points of merit.

Judges Overall Impression will allow for (20) points of merit.

*Photography and Videography have a difference points scale, with more weight awarded to the visual product.



·       Early-bird entries: NOW through Friday, January 5, 2018 at 10:00pm - $100.00 fee.

·       On-time entries: Friday January 6 through Friday, January 12, 2018 at 10:00pm - $125.00 fee.

·       The late entry window will be Friday, January 13, 2018 until Monday, January 15, 2018 at 10:00pm - $150.00 fee. 

Entries will not be accepted after this final deadline!


TIP #1 – Start early, as early as right now!  Do not wait until the week of the deadlines to begin the process.  Create your entrant profile today and understand the entry technology. 

TIP #2 - Gather your collateral and write a draft while the event is fresh in your mind.  

TIP #3 - Consider creating the written content in a WORD file for easy editing, track your character and word counts.  Then, simply “cut and paste” into the text boxes.

TIP #4 – You may save your progress at any point during the submission process and go back to it later.

TIP #5 – When you’ve finished writing and uploading, use the side menu, PAY for your entry and “View/Edit Entries”, and complete the final step in the process by clicking “SUBMIT” – this will generate a third email confirmation of completion.







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