What are the Esprit Awards?
The Esprit Awards®, is a globally recognized awards competition designed to and honor the exceptional professional achievements of individuals and organizations from across the Live Events Industry.
What is the submission deadline date?
All completed entries including payment must be submitted on or before 31 May, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.
What is the cost to enter the Awards?
The  Esprit Awards entry fee is $125.00 USD per entrant, per entry submission for all current and in good standing ILEA Members and $225.00 USD for non-members. There is an additional $50 per event partner.
Who can enter the Awards?
Any individual and/or company representative in the Live Events Industry is eligible to enter the Esprit Awards competition.
How do I enter?
All entries are prepared and submitted via ESPRIT's online awards portal. The online system can be accessed by clicking on the Esprit home page.
Will my entry information be shared?
No, only the general overview of the event and two representative photos will be used for promotional purposes.  Award judges will view your entry content, but have no means to distribute the material.
Why should I enter theEsprit Awards?
Awards help to increase your ability to influence others, gain recognition for your talents and strengthen your personal brand while vastly improving your chances for success. The Esprit Awards are a catalyst for personal potential and professional growth. You'll have the recognition platform to earn company and client acknowledgement, increase marketability, gain media access, and receive events industry buzz about you and your company!
What events can I enter?
Any event, event component or event concept that occurred between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. Visit the categories tab to determine the best category for your event.
Who judges the Awards?
Highly qualified ILEA leaders and creative event professionals with a broad range of experience and specialization from around the world serve as judges. 

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