Welcome to the 2018 Deadline Club Scholarships!

Up to $10,000 Available for Deadline Club Scholarships

The Deadline Club, New York City’s chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, supports and encourages journalism in the metropolitan area through its annual scholarship program. It funds these financial awards through The Deadline Club Foundation, a 501(c)3 that it founded to help raise money for scholarships. This year, the Foundation plans to award a total of up to $10,000 through as many as four merit-based scholarships of $2,500 each.

The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in journalism or journalism-oriented communications programs in the New York City metropolitan area, which includes all campuses within 50 miles of Columbus Circle. Recipients will be determined by a panel of journalism and communications professionals and educators that looks for students who have demonstrated, through both scholarship and practice, a potential to contribute to the highest standards and goals of the craft. The committee's decisions are final.

Scholarship recipients will be notified by email no later than May 7. Recipients are encouraged to attend The Deadline Club's annual awards dinner as its guests. The 2018 awards dinner will be held on Monday, May 21, 2018 at The Harvard Club in Manhattan, where the scholarship winners will be publicly congratulated in front of an audience of more than 200 New York City journalists. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified, and applicants should not contact The Deadline Club to inquire about their application status.

How to Enter

1) Complete the application form and submit electronically on this site. The entry period has been extended and will end at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 27, 2018.

2) Submit a 300-word essay (typed, double-spaced) summarizing your goals, interests and accomplishments related to journalism and the ethos of the Society of Professional Journalists.

3) Submit three to five previously published audio, video, writing or multimedia samples.

4) Submit two letters of recommendation, at least one of which is from an educator familiar with your academic record. If the person writing your letter of recommendation prefers that you not see it, it can be emailed to scholarships@deadlineclub.org.

Please note that incomplete applications as well as those that do not comply with the guidelines in the Eligibility Rules will be disqualified.


  • Create a free account by clicking on the link to Register in the upper right corner. You may return to the
    site as often as you like to complete your application until the scholarship entry deadline at 11:59 p.m.
    on Friday, April 27.

  • You may confirm and update your contact information whenever you like by clicking on the Your
    tab located under the dropdown when you click on "Welcome [your name]" after login.

  • Read the Scholarship Overview and the Eligibility Rules carefully before preparing your entry.
  • After logging in, click on the New Application tab to upload your essay, recommendations
    and work samples.

  • If you are continuing to work on an existing application, click on Review Application. If you
    click on New Application after beginning your application process, you will create a new entry.

  • - Click on this icon to the left of the entry title to edit the entry.

  • When you are finished uploading your files, review all of this information carefully before submitting
    your scholarship application.

  • Good luck!


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