Welcome to the 2018 Louisville Metro Journalism Awards, administered by the Society of Professional Journalists, Louisville Pro Chapter.

The deadline for entering this year's contest is MARCH 30, 2018 at midnight Eastern Daylight Saving time.

To Register, click on the 'Register Here' link. Otherwise, please log in.

When filling out the ENTRY form, please note that the first drop down box labeled "Category" allows you to choose from the broad categories (Metro Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Online, etc.).   The second drop down box labeled "Category 2" is where you will select the particular category for that particular entry (Best News Story, Feature Story, Sports Photography, Cover Design, etc.).


Only the person who fills out the entry form and includes his/her name and e-mail address on the front page of the entry form will be automatically notified by e-mail if the entry wins an award.
PLEASE NOTE There are "credit" tabs on the entry page to list the names of each person who should receive credit for the entry. Please list the names of every person (including the name of the person filling out the form, if he/she is part of the entry) to be credited with the entry on the credit tabs. Only the names listed on the credit tabs will be given credit for the entry and only the top two names will be engraved on the award.  Only ONE award will be presented for each First Place winner. Others who wish to purchase copies of the award may do so at their expense.

IMPORTANT: The person who submits the entry and lists his/her name and e-mail addresson the entry page will automatically receive an e-mail notification if the entry wins an award.  We will make every effort to contact each person listed on the "Credit" list by e-mail to notify them of their achievement. But "automatic" e-mails are sent only to the person who fills out the form, so it is that person's responsibility to notify the other people who are listed on the credit form. That person also will be notified of details about the annual awards program.