Teachers and College students only,

Welcome to ‘Olelo Community Media's 2020 Youth Xchange Statewide Student Video Competition!

First Time visitors (Teachers and College students ONLY) are asked to:

Step 1: Review competition rules and regulations by clicking on the Rules button.
Step 2: Click on the Register hyperlink (next to Login button), type your email address and press Submit button, and then proceed to completing your Entrant profile. Be sure to save and submit your Entrant form. 

Teachers and College students, once your Entrant profile has been successfully set-up, you will then be able to:
Step 3: Create an entry by clicking on the Add Entry button. Fill out the entire entry form once for each entry.
Step 4: Review your entry/entries by clicking on the View Entries button.
Step 5: Submit your entry/entries by returning to the View Entries button.

NOTE:  Teachers, to assist with uploading and submitting entires, you may provide your Entrant username and password, along with the above instructions (steps 3 - 5), to your students.  Your students can then login from their workstations to upload and submit entries.