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Thank you for submitting to the 2019 Regional Conference Call for Abstracts and Creative Scholarship.

All submissions must be made by June 3, 2019, by midnight (PST). The following regions are acceptinging submissions: 
Theme:From Early Modernism to Design Ideas for Tomorrow
Call for: Abstracts (SODR, SoTL, P*); Creative Scholarship
Dates: October 17 -19, 2019
Location: Buffalo, New York
Host Institution(s):Villa Maria College
Theme: Forging Ahead
Call for: Abstracts (SODR, SoTL, PK, PST*)
Dates: October 24-25, 2019
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Host Institution(s):
Pacific West
Theme: Social Activism in Interior Design Education
Call for: Abstracts (SODR, SoTL, P, PST*); Creative Scholarship
Dates: October 17-18, 2019
Location: Los Angeles, California
Host Institution(s): California State University Northridge
Theme: Unpacking Systems
Call for: Abstracts (SODR, SoTL, P, PST, PK*); Creative Scholarship
Dates: October 9-12, 2019
Location: Auburn, Alabama
Host Institution(s): Auburn Univesity
Theme: Communicating with Gen Z: Graphic, Verbal, Written and Interpersonal
Call for: Abstracts (SODR, SoTL, P, PST*); Creative Scholarship
Dates: October 3-4, 2019
Location: Waco, Texas
Hosted Institution(s): Baylor University
*Scholarship of Design Research (SODR), Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), Panel (P), Pecha Kucha (PK), or Poster (PST). 

Step 1: Review competition rules and regulations by clicking on the Rules button.
Step 2: Fill out and review your entrant form by clicking on the Register button.
Step 3: Create an entry by clicking on the Add Entry button.  Fill out the entire entry form once for each entry.
Step 4: Review your entry/entries by clicking on the View/Pay Entries button.
Step 5: Submit your entry/entries by returning to the View Entries/Pay button.  For each entry, click on Incomplete link and follow the instructions.

To view any reviewer comments submitted on your submission, select "View/Edit Entries" on the left sidebar, and then "View Comments" all the way to the right of your submission.

If your entry was accepted for presentation, select "View/Edit Entries," select the pencil icon beside your submission, and verify that your project title and authors are listed correctly. Once verified, click Save. Please make sure to do this by Monday, August 26.

Please note: If your submission is accepted for presentation and you agree to present, you will be required to register for the Regional Conference in advance. If you present at a Regional Conference, you cannot present the same submission to the National Conference. You may present the same presentation only once at a regional conference. The same presentation may NOT be re-submitted next year at a different region if it has already been presented.