Welcome to the 2018 Pyramid Awards

Celebrating the Best of Our Best in New Construction, Remodeling, Sales & Marketing, and Several Speciality Categories

2018 Pyramid Awards Program Sponsor


You will need to register in order to submit an entry or entries to this year's Pyramid Awards Program.  The entire submittal process is now on line.

To Register, click on the 'Register' link above. If you have already registered, please log in.  Please bear with us as we work out the kinks and report any problems you are encountering immediately to 717-232-5595

This year's Divisions Include:

Division One - Single Family Construction  Division Two - Multiple Family Construction  Division Three - Community  Division Four - Interior Design

Division Five - Exterior Spaces  Division Six - Advertising and Promotion  Division Seven - Sales and Marketing  Division Eight - Remodeling

Division Nine - Industry Support  Division Ten - Specialty Areas including Green Construction, Modular Construction, Commercial, and Best Collarboration



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