There were 28 award categories in the 2016 contest. To view detailed descriptions of all categories, or to figure out whether to enter something in a particular category, review this PDF. If you still have questions, contact the person who chaired that category group.


Audio/Video Categories
Chair: Darrin Hill, Oklahoma
(405) 521-4631

- Audio Program or Podcast
- Television Series
- Video Long
- Video PSA (returning this year)
- Video Short


Communications/Education Categories
Chair: Jenifer Wisniewski, Georgia
(706) 557-3324

- Communication Campaign
- Education
- External Newsletter
- Internal Communications
- News Release
- Success on a Shoestring


Graphic Design/Photo Categories
Chair: Lance Cherry, New Mexico
(505) 476-8003

- Graphics: Advertising/Display (NEW)
- Graphics: Layout (NEW)
- Photography
- Poster


Magazine Categories
Chair: Susan Warner, Vermont

(802) 595-2470

- Magazine
- Magazine Destination, Historical or Cultural Article
- Magazine Fisheries Article
- Magazine General Interest Article
- Magazine Wildlife Article


New Media Categories
Chair: Bonnie Holding, Maine
(207) 592-4348

- Conservation Post of the Year
- Online Community Engagement
- Website


Other Printed Products Categories
Chair: Jerry Kane, Nebraska
(402) 471-5008

- Calendar
- One-Time Publications: Book/Report
- One-Time Publications: Brochure
- One-Time Publications: Other
- Regulations Publication

Each category is judged by different criteria. Be sure to review judging criteria for a category when entering that category. Judging criteria for each category are shown on the "About This Category" tab of the entry form.