You can edit your entries at any time prior to submission by pressing the "View/Submit" option in the left menu, and clicking on the edit icon (the pencil and paper button). 

To upload an entry:

1. Click on the "Add Entry" button in the left menu. 

2. Fill out the submission form. 

3. Click the "Continue" button, either above or below the entry form. 

4. An "Upload submissions" form will appear below the entry form. Use this form to upload your submissions:

5.  Use the "File upload" browse option to upload your main submission. This option accepts .doc, docx., .pdf, and .zip files. There is a known issue using the Chrome browser to upload PDFs, so if you experience difficulty, please try switching to another browser.

6. Click "Upload" (to the right of the browse button) to complete the upload. 

7. Click the "+" button to add additional submission elements, such as additional stories (when the submission is a series, rather than a single clip), or photos and other multimedia content. This option is not manditory. Click the upload button in the pop-up screen to complete the upload. You can submit up to 20 additional submission elements per entry.










To submit your entries:

1. Click on the "View/Submit" option in the left menu. 

2. Under the "status" pane, you will see either Click to Submit or Incomplete.

3. Click on Click to Submit to submit your entry. If your entry is complete, you will be taken to a screen asking you to confirm and submit now. If your entry is not complete, you will be taken to a page that lists the incomplete elements of your submission.