Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to submit a physical binder to AGC? No, everything is online this year except the Safety Awards which will be submitted by email or printed application.

There are boxes to address the content under each criteria item.  Do we need to add any additional narrative on the Project Awards?  You do not have to add anything else unless you want to enter additional information about your project that was not addressed in the criteria.

I am a Subcontractor submitting for an award. What should I do differently? You will just fill in everything that applies to your project.  In most cases, you will not be listing additional subcontractors unless you had them and would like them to receive a certificate.

Why do we ask for Major Subcontractors on your projects? We will be supplying winners with certificates for their Subcontractors that worked on these projects.

When is my submission complete?  When you have entered all of your information in the criteria/and or narrative boxes and you hit SUBMIT, your submission will be complete and ready for judging.

What can we upload? Project Pictures, Letters of Recommendation, Media Articles and Video will all be accepted.

How do I delete or replace an incorrect upload?  If the upload field is a 'single upload field' and only accepts one file. There will be a little red X the entrant can click on to remove that file. If the upload field is a 'Group upload field' allowing multiple uploads, there will be a small red X to the left of the title of the document. The entrant can click that X to remove that file.

Why do we want your project pictures? Pictures help the judges recognize and visualize your projects plus we will use these in our media presentation for awards night.  Please label your pictures so they can be recognized by company and project.

What if I left something out after I hit the SUBMIT buttton? Contact the AGC Administrator  We will be able to make additions or changes for you.  In some cases, you may be charged the late registration fee of $95 between JULY 29- AUG 5

Can we be invoiced for the submission fees? Yes, if you do not pay online with a credit card, you will automatically receive an invoice for $250 per submission plus a $95 late fee for submission completions between JULY 29- AUG 5.  PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN AUGUST 5th or your entry will be disqualified.