The following rules apply to all contest applicants:


1. The competition is open to all members of the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society.

2. CHPRMS members that are not healthcare providers (e.g., advertising agencies, research firms, specialty advertising companies) may submit entries on behalf of a healthcare client located in North or South Carolina. If the healthcare client is not currently a member of CHPRMS, the membership fee of $55 must be added to the entry fees for their entries to qualify.

3. To be eligible for judging, the program or project must have run in the market between July 15, 2017 and August 13, 2018.

4.  *** Every entry must include one PowerPoint slide to be used in the awards presentation if your entry should win. The slide should contain representative images, audio or video embedded into the slide. *NOTE - Audio and video clips must be no longer than 60 seconds in length.



Early Bird Rates of $55 for Wallies entries, and $65 for Golden Tusk entries will apply for entries entered by August 6, 2018.

After August 6, entries will be charged and additional $15 per entry ($70 for Wallies entries and $80 for Golden Tusk entries.)

All entries must be received by Monday, August 13, 2018.



Payment is expected at the time of entry. Online, secure credit card processing is available, and you may pay for all your entries in one payment. Payment by credit card / PayPal is preferred. If you require an alternative payment method, please call Andre LaCroix at 864 -242-0204 or mail a check to: CHPRMS, c/o Andre LaCroix, 302 Stono Court, Piedmont, SC 29673.



1.  Each entry is judged by three judges.

2.  Judges will rate entries based on the following criteria:

      • Response to issue/Clear project goals and objectives

      • Project implementation

      • Creativity, originality, quality and appropriateness of  materials

      • Achievement of objectives/measurement of results

3.  Two Wallie Awards will be awarded for each category; one Wallie Award for hospitals and health systems, and one Wallie Award for non-hospital entrants. 

4.  Two Golden Tusk Awards will be awarded for each category; one Golden Tusk for hospitals and health systems, and one Golden Tusk for non-hospital entrants. 

5.  A “Best of Show” entry may be selected by the judges from all of the award winners.

6.  Hard copy contest entries will not be accepted.

7.  The following file types can be uploaded: .doc, .pdf, .gif,.jpeg, .jpg, .png, .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .mov, .rm, .wma, .wav, .mp3, .snd, .aiff, .au, .wmv, .swf, .zip, .url, .tif, .ppt, .pptx, .docx, .mp4