NFPW Online Contest FAQs



How does it work?

To enter the contest, an entrant must create a profile in the contest system. To do this, click "Login" in the top right of your screen and then fill out the form that comes up.

Once you have created a profile, click the "Add Entry" tab and add your entries. You must fill out the "Add Entry" tab for each entry you would like to submit. Make sure you fill out both the "entry" tab and the "uploads" tab on this page. 

How do I know my entry was submitted?

Click on the "View/Edit Entries and Pay" tab at the top of your screen. Your entries will be listed in the box at the bottom of the page. Make sure your entry shows "Complete". If it doesn't, hover your arrow over the word "Incomplete" and the system will tell you what you are missing. When your entry is complete, a box will come up that says "submit" click the submit button for each entry you are ready to submit. 

Entries are not officially entered until the entry shows complete and is paid for. 

How do I edit my entries? 

Go to the "View/Edit Entries and Pay" tab. Scroll down and find the entry you would like to edit and click the yellow editing pencil on the left hand side of the screen.

Can I submit Hardcopy entries?

No hardcopy entries will be accepted in this years contest.    

Can I pay by check?

No, all payments must be made electronically through the contest system                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

What is the deadline for the NFPW affiliate contests?

Entries must be submitted by

  • January 9, 2019: Late Entry Deadline. Entries submited after this date will be charged a one time $25 late fee per entrant.
  • January 15, 2019: Final Book Deadline. Due to the extended time judging book categories takes, all book entries must be submitted by this date. 
  • January 22, 2019: FINAL Contest Deadline. All entries, other than books must be submitted by this date. 


My publication isn’t online and I don’t have access to a scanner. What do I do?

Most newsrooms have a copier with a scanner built in. Scanned material can be submitted as a JPG file. Many use Adobe InDesign and will be able to generate a PDF. Other options: visit your local library or an office supply store, which have scanners available for use.


Can I print out a copy of my entries?

Yes. Go to the "View/Edit Entries & Pay" tab and click "Print" in the Print column on the left side of the page. You must be signed in to see this tab. 


Many categories require a one-page statement about the submission. How will I do that?

Descriptors for all categories requiring a one-page statement say: “Entrant MUST submit a one-page statement,” followed by a list of elements to include in the statement as well as a list of elements the “Judges will consider.” The entrant will write a statement about the submission based on the information specified in the category descriptor. Save the statement as a Word file. When you click the "Uploads" tab in the entry form, upload the Word file in the first field of that part of the entry form.


Is there a maximum per-entrant number of entries permitted in a given contest category?

There is no limit on the number of entries an entrant may submit in a category. People who choose to make more than one entry in a given category will, of course, be competing against themselves as well as anyone else who enters that same category.


My category requires me to submit only three articles. Why are there many more fields to enter?

The entry form offers a sufficient number of fields through which all required pieces of any entry may be uploaded.  Some categories require only one work sample. Some require a one-page statement and a number of work samples. Fill in only as many fields as required by the category you enter and leave the rest blank.   


For PR entries asking for publication proof, will a PDF of the printed work sample suffice?

Yes. PDFs are proof of publication. If the entry resides online, write the URL at the top of the page before uploading or provide the URL for the page where the work resides.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

For media kits, must I convert documents, including such things as a multi-page catalog, to PDFs?

Yes. PDFs, JPGs, DVDs are all acceptable formats. PNGs are not. If documents are online, a URL is acceptable.


What about three-dimensional entries?

For three-dimensional entries, photograph them and submit the photo files as part of the entry.


Some entries do not translate well electronically. The format and design is dependent on seeing and touching the piece, such as a brochure that has been die cut, embossed, folded in a special way or has unique paper. How will a digital contest take this into consideration?

The member should describe the special features in detail as part of the entry, either in a required one-page statement or, if no statement is required, write up the description in a Word file and submit that in the first upload field. In addition, photos may be uploaded to show the unique elements.


How do I handle the entry of a newspaper story that jumps to a second page? How do I indicate which story is the entry?

Mark or highlight the entry on the printed pages before scanning the marked sections. Try to capture the date of publication when scanning. The scan will yield a JPG file. Upload that file (or files if each page is in a separate file). If the article is online, submit a URL so the judge may link to it.


Will there be a way for the dinosaurs who do not use computers to still enter the contest?

Each affiliate should work with its members. NFPW recognizes that there are a few members who do not have computers. Options may include using a computer at the local library or hosting an affiliate contest meeting where WiFi is available and assisting members who do not have a computer.



I have judged contests, and I think it will be a challenge to review lots of entries online.

The judges' section of the site allows judges to review entries in stages, but, if needed, the entries easily can be printed.


Is there an option for judges to print entries and make notes on them as they judge them?

Yes, judges can print entries from the contest site.


Will judges have their own login and password to specific categories only?

Yes. judges will be provided their own username and password and will be able to see only the categories they are to judge.


How do we ensure judges do not suffer monetary losses (from printing entries)?

Most judges are familiar with online contests. Very few, if any, seem inclined to print entries.


If you have other questions or concerns, please contact us for help.