Adrian Awards 2023
Goals: Clearly state your marketing goals. What did you strive to achieve using this piece or program?
The brand’s Unique Value Proposition says it all: Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades promises an elevated coastal, cultural, culinary, and ecological paradise to those with an expectation of excellence. Everything we do must continue to convey this promise of an elevated experience. In an era of ever-increasing competition for the traveler’s share of mind and wallet, it is our true differentiator. The Unique Value Proposition is perfectly aligned with today’s changing economic indicators. While more travelers are watching their spending, they're willing to pay a premium for exceptional experiences that justify their vacation dollars. The Goal: To increase visitation and tax collections to the destination by bringing our Unique Value Proposition to life and clearly illustrating the exclusive, elevated experiences offered ONLY by our destination through an integrated campaign. To achieve this, we launched the next generation of our successful “Only Paradise Will Do” campaign with a bold new look featuring a large graphic “ONLY” incorporated into the designs. This signature “ONLY” immediately captures the attention of our audiences and separates us from the “sea of sameness” in the media. More importantly, it instantly conveys the exclusive nature of the brand and its promise of an elevated experience. How We Got There: New photo and video assets were captured to better connect with the audiences we are targeting. Couples Digital nomads Multigenerational families/groups LGBTQ couples and families Travelers with mobility challenges Group meetings This campaign was launched in January 2023 and ran until the end of August across key markets. The campaigns were split into 3 major phases: Winter Campaign (January - March 2023); Spring/Summer Campaign (April - August); and an “Always on Campaign” throughout the entire fiscal year. In addition, we ran dedicated niche campaigns for weddings, LGBTQ, dining, arts & culture, and eco enthusiasts.
Results: Which of your original goals did you achieve and how? How did you measure the effectiveness of the piece or campaign? Entrants should provide quantifiable results of their tactics or campaigns. (for example, click through rates or ad equivalency)
As part of the new strategy to track results and user interest more efficiently, all of our “ONLY” print ads included a QR code tailored to each ad segment, driving users to the respective landing pages. Here, they were able to explore more information about beaches, wedding inspiration, outdoor activities, and other audience segments. The campaign generated over 32M+ circulation impressions across 20 different publications through all active campaigns. Overall Economic Impact (YTD): +23.5% YOY Website Visits (YTD): Over 1M+ Publications circulation numbers (not all included due to character limit ) USA Today: 10,000.00 Garden & Gun: 3,800,000 Conde Nast: 10,913,634. Canadian Geographic Magazine: Flamingo Magazine: 28,000 Chicago Magazine: 514,800 Connecticut Magazine: 222,206 Despite the new "ONLY" campaign surpassing its goals and even outperforming some industry benchmarks, 2022 marked a record-breaking year for tourism. Leisure visitation experienced a significant surge as travelers from both out-of-state and local markets flocked to Florida's Paradise Coast. This surge resulted in noticeable increases in most KPIs, driven by pent-up travel demand and the ongoing recovery from the pandemic. As a result, we provided YOY results for 2023, comparing them to 2021 and 2019. This allowed us to accurately track the normalization of all metrics and tourism KPIs across the board. In FY23, hotel revenue performance was exceptional, with a significant 13% increase in ADR compared to FY21, along with a 6% boost in RevPar. What's even more impressive is when we compared FY23 to FY19. During this period, we achieved a remarkable 40.2% surge in ADR and a substantial 6.6% increase in RevPAR. The campaign contributed to maintaining similar levels of tax collections to FY22 record-breaking YOY tax collections and surpassed 2019 and 2021 levels, indicating its effectiveness in contributing to the visitor economy. The "ONLY" brand marketing campaign contributed to record-brea
Return on Investment: How much revenue has the piece or campaign generated and how does this compare to your goal? What was the return on investment?
The winter campaign zeroed in on the Harford-New Haven and Chicago DMAs. Data identified Hartford-New Haven as an emerging market, prompting us to focus our efforts on the "snowbirds" in this area. Chicago, a long-standing target market, displayed increased spending and visitation frequency, affirming the resonance of our messaging and creative campaigns with the Chicago audience. For spring/summer, our goal was to inspire short-term travel from May to September. This campaign targeted luxury audiences in key northeast and midwest DMAs, setting us apart from regional competition in high-spending markets. We also tailored messaging for upwardly mobile affluent professionals, culinary enthusiasts, and eco-tourists. In these key markets, there has been a significant year-over-year increase in spending percentages from the top-tier HHI group (income >$151k). This trend is consistent across most of our target markets, signaling a shift towards a higher-income demographic in our audience. Specifically for Florida drive-markets, the percentage of overnight visitation (driving direct impact on accommodations revenue) also increased for key markets YOY. Miami: + 15% Tampa: +7.3% Orlando: +9.7%
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Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades - Florida's Paradise Coast: If Only
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President's Award, Silver