Adrian Awards 2019
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Marketing Objectives:
Clearly state your marketing goals.
What did your company strive to achieve using this piece or program?
1. Increase Engagement on the Embassy Suites social channels. KPIs: Engagement Rate 2. Create organic buzz with Social Influencers who attended the Experience. KPI: Influencer Reach
Target Audience:
Who was/is the target audience?
Characterize the composition, size, and location of your target audience.
We focused on the traveler who needs the one thing they can’t get from just any hotel brand: space. People who need things when they travel. They love social media, and appreciate art.
Research, Planning, and Implementation:
What market research was conducted prior to planning the piece/campaign?
The team needed a way to show off the insane amount of space that’s in an Embassy Suites room. We wanted something different, that was unique, and foster imagination. The thought of an Art Gallery achieved all these goals for us, as it was a distinct and unusual way to use the space in our Suites. And you could never do it in a standard hotel room. We partnered with an experiential artist out of New York, Jacob Fisher to create two experiences in our suites; “Play” in the living room, and “Dream” in the bedroom. The living room was an explosion of color and light, while the bedroom was white string lights, inspired by the REM sleep state. The gallery experience was open at the Embassy Suites Seattle Downtown from October 8-October 12. All social media assets we posted in the six weeks after. The Hero video outlining the entire experience posted on brand channels on November 6, 2018.
What is the key message intended for the piece/campaign?
What differentiates your piece/campaign in the marketplace?
At Embassy Suites, there is room to Dream Big.
Which of your original goals did you achieve and how?
How did you measure the effectiveness of the piece or campaign? Entrants should provide quantifiable results of their tactics or campaigns.
Overall, the Embassy Suites Dream Space campaign leveraged a variety of objectives ad types and platforms to produce a well-balanced campaign. Collectively across all platforms, Dream Space produced 8.12 million impressions with a 28% engagement rate (125% above the Enterprise benchmark) showcasing major success in raising awareness for the brand on social media. Local Seattle influencers attended the opening night, uploading images and stories to their Instagrams. They had a combined reach of 200K followers. During the week the gallery was open, over 100 guests walked through and experienced the suite, generating more than 30 organic hashtagged posts.
Entry Title
Embassy Suites - DreamSpace
Advertising Campaign
NEW: Experiential
Entry Award: