Adrian Awards 2018
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Situational Analysis
Hilton is a brand that has long embraced diversity and remains focused on welcoming all people, from internal teammates to guests. As such, it was due time for us to further expand our efforts by celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. With our initial soft launch in 2013, ‘Stay Hilton. Go Out.’, we owed it to ourselves and the community to modernize entire approach and align with expectations. As a community that is hyper-focused on brand and social responsibility, we decided to leverage 2018 as a year of re-introducing Hilton to this incredibly loyal consumer. In doing so, we knew we had to change our logo, challenge our media targeting tactics and create specific channel creative that would resonate with the consumer.
Marketing Objectives:
Clearly state your marketing goals.
What did your company strive to achieve using this piece or program?
i. Celebrate and welcome the LGBTQ+ Community during National Pride Month ii. Increase awareness and consideration of Hilton iii. Drive Direct Bookings leveraging an Honors Only Retail Offer
Target Audience:
Who was/is the target audience?
Characterize the composition, size, and location of your target audience.
1. LGBTQ+ Consumer - Audience is: Mobile First, Adventurous, Travel Oriented, Status Conscious, and Brand Supportive. 2. Targeted Pride Celebrations - NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Washington DC, Houston, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, and Austin.
Research, Planning, and Implementation:
What market research was conducted prior to planning the piece/campaign? Describe how you planned and produced the creative asseets with the mobile canvas in mind.
Research: Global Pride Logo -In partnership with Fitch Agency, we set out to fully understand the LGBTQ+ Brand Marketplace within logo design, negative/positive of company representation, and the current + future buying power of the targeted consumer. Planning: US Pride Media Campaign -In partnership with Digitas and iProspect, we spent a couple of weeks creating a new audience segment for Hilton and trying new channels to reach our intended consumer. Implementation: -In partnership with our internal studio, we created specific creative per channel, including assets for A/B tests. The creative direction we went in was drastically different than our enterprise formats in order to offer our forward-thinking target consumer an appropriately elevated aesthetic. Upon final approval of assets, we delivered final files to Digitas and iProspect and started our campaign.
What is the key message intended for the piece/campaign?
What differentiates your piece/campaign in the marketplace?
Campaign tagline: Our World Is A Brighter Place When We Shine Together -Inspired by our new rainbow gradient logo, we lead our creative direction and intent with the above tagline, influencing all decisions. Secondary message: Celebrate your pride with our weekender package: Stay 3 nights, get 50% off Sunday.* -Leveraging an Honors Only Offer, we drove our media campaign to fulfil the needs of consumers during pride weekends with a compelling rate. -
Which of your original goals did you achieve and how?
How did you measure the effectiveness of the piece or campaign? Entrants should provide quantifiable results of their tactics or campaigns.
i. We achieved our media campaign impressions by nearly 30% ii. Campaign generated a 206% higher CTR than Portfolio CTR average iii. Instagram had a 198% more efficient CPM than portfolio average iv. Instagram had a 207% more efficient CPM than enterprise average v. Huffington Post: 2MM Impressions in 10 days, 60% above the 1.33MM goal 1. Beat Huffpo benchmark goal by 127% vi. First entry into Tinder platform with a 4.33MM Impressions exceeded Tinder impression goals by more than 10% of the plan, which held the goal of 3.93 overall impressions
Entry Title
Hilton Brand Hotels – Pride 2018
Digital Marketing
Digital Campaign
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