Adrian Awards 2020
Goals: Clearly state your marketing goals and audience. What did you strive to achieve using this piece or program?
During a year of very dark news including travel bans, business disruptions and public health uncertainty, Lufthansa Group and its U.S. PR agency faced into the headwinds, identifying key messages that would support business continuity and customer confidence. The agency supported the group of airlines including Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian, Brussels and Eurowings with four priority themes that targeted both travelers and the trusted travel advisors to which they turn for guidance. Central storylines were: 1. Community support, focused on the ways in which Lufthansa Group acts as a good neighbor 2. Safety education, informing and correcting misinformation about the safety of flying 3. Return of operations, highlighting the reopening of gateways between the U.S. and Europe 4. Testing as the key to rebound, showcasing Lufthansa Group’s leadership in COVID-19 rapid testing The agency employed a range of tactics in communicating these four themes, from pitching story ideas directly to priority media to organizing executive interviews and facilitating a virtual media roundtable.
Results: Which of your original goals did you achieve and how? How did you measure the effectiveness of the piece or campaign? Entrants should provide quantifiable results of their tactics or campaigns. (for example, click through rates or ad equivalency)
We evaluated 46 March-Nov. articles for this exercise, each a targeted opportunity courted to communicate our priority messages. The sampling generated over 360 million media impressions reaching U.S. readers and travel advisors. It would cost $677,000 to purchase the equivalent exposure through advertising. This small sample set of results reflects a 7X+ return on Lufthansa Group's investment in the agency. Sample results follow. Community Support: The agency focused on Lufthansa Group’s relief-flight program that brought home 90,000 travelers during the height of the spring shutdown – a positive theme successfully pitched to Conde Nast Traveler for a story about the pandemic’s impact on air travel. The Group’s operation of special cargo flights with relief supplies and the release of medically trained employees with pay was reported by Travel Daily News, Airline Reporter and Recommend. SWISS’s coordination with hard-hit industries like the wine growing industry was seen in VinePair and Food & Beverage. Safety Education: Lufthansa Group’s aircraft are HEPA filter-equipped with hospital-grade airflow patterns that safeguard air quality. An interview for Lufthansa Group’s executive was featured in National Geographic, and Recommend and Travel Agent Central helped inform travelers and advisors of the facts. Return of Operations: It was pivotal that Lufthansa Group communicate reopening of key U.S. gateways. Reuters, The New York Times, Skift, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Business Journal and Orlando Sentinel were among the press to cover its return to the air. Testing as the Key to Rebound: Lufthansa executed an incredible rapid COVID-19 testing effort starting in Germany. A virtual media roundtable about the program drew over 65 press. Resulting editorial on the initiative included Reuters, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Associated Press, ABC News, Forbes, MSN, Yahoo!, The Wall Street Journal, SF Gate, Travel Weekly, TravelAge West and more.
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Lufthansa Group – Navigating Headwinds
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