Adrian Awards 2020
Goals: Clearly state your marketing goals. What did you strive to achieve using this piece or program?
Hawks Cay is a Keys resort that attracts families, avid fishermen, groups and wedding parties. The property is a leader amongst its competitive set but in 2017, Hurricane Irma evened the playing field in an unexpected way. Post-Irma, most Keys resorts needed massive repairs. When they re-opened, all properties touted beautiful renovations. It was as if a wave of new properties hit the market at once. Most resorts had new websites with ocean-inspired color palettes and an emphasis on renovated interiors. Hawks’ conversions began declining as consumers compared options based on interior imagery and new websites. The goal of the web redesign was to differentiate Hawks based on the breadth of activities available on-property, something other resorts couldn’t claim. To accomplish this, we went bold. On April 29, launched, featuring rich colors evocative of diving deeper into the ocean accompanied by a new tagline that invites guests to “Find What Lures You.” Vivid experiential imagery and short, evocative videos woven throughout the site immerse visitors in watersports, dolphin encounters, fishing, dining and family activities. A dynamic custom gallery allows filtering based on interests. Comprehensive content gives travelers everything they need to plan their visit. Anglers can book charters at the Keys' largest marina and learn about fish species found nearby. To expand the quality content, owned assets were combined with assets available via partnerships with major brands like Yeti, Vineyard Vines, LIVE Watersports and two national tv shows filmed on property, Saltwater Experience and Into the Blue. Layered transitions and unexpected swipe, text and content loading motions add interactive elements and visual texture to engage users in further exploration. Most importantly, the site content is highly optimized for organic search performance, capturing travelers searching at the point of interest, well before they are searching simply for a room.
Results: Which of your original goals did you achieve and how? How did you measure the effectiveness of the piece or campaign? Entrants should provide quantifiable results of their tactics or campaigns. (for example, click through rates or ad equivalency)
YOY results 6 months post launch (May-Oct), which included a global travel shutdown and an unprecedented decrease in online travel-related search: 21% increase in online revenue YOY, an increase of $2,147,044 This would be exceptional at any time, but is beyond belief in that the increase occurred over 6 months from May to Oct at a time when paid media budgets were decreased by 57% and the resort was restricted by state and local policy and travel restrictions, and quarantines affected out-of-state markets. Prior to the COVID travel shutdowns, over half of website traffic came from outside the state of Florida. Given the timing and the decrease in searches for hotel rooms and Florida vacations, the goal of focusing on Hawks Cay’s primary point of differentiation – the vast number of on-property experiences – paid off beyond what anyone could have dreamed of by allowing the resort to organically reach people searching for things to do, rather than vacation-specific terms. The revenue increase is directly attributable to organic search performance, with the experience content driving that increase. YOY increases in site entrances through experience content: Watersports +40% Kids and Teens +48% Marina +82% Fishing +45% Tiki Bar up 595% (sign of the times) Lobster Season increased from 501 page entrances in 2019 to 12,154 – an increase of 2,326% Blogs increased from 10,003 views to 47,509 pageviews YOY and are driving revenue for the first time.
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Hawks Cay Resort Website Relaunch
Digital Marketing - Web Site
Digital Marketing
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