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Goals: Clearly state your marketing goals and audience. What did you strive to achieve using this piece or program?
BACKGROUND Traditionally, Gaylord Hotels relies primarily on conventions / group business (70-80% mix). In light of current events, the Brand has had to pivot quickly and turn its traditional business model ”on it’s head.” Gaylord is?the first Marriott brand to reactivate marketing in North America after all efforts were paused in March due to COVID-19; while initial recovery plans are in place for the larger organization, Gaylord’s approach is a departure from those. As a first-mover, a mix of flexibility and caution is important. GOAL Our goal was to 1) Position Gaylord Hotels’ five resorts as the leading and perfect drive-market leisure destination, highlighting the Brand’s favorable proximity for a leisure getaway. 2) Instill confidence and trust through messaging that highlights the Brand’s leadership in traveler health & safety. 3) Generate awareness, excitement and demand for the Brand’s one-of-a-kind, attractive and exceptional assets and resort services/offerings. 4) Drive overnight leisure business into the hotels. STRATEGY Our overall strategy consisted of 1) concentrate on Drive Market transient revenue. 2) Focus on Demand Generation efforts to lead the recovery and drive immediate and measurable leisure room nights into the brand. 3) Monitor demand and stay agile, predict recovery, adjust to changing market conditions and drive ROI. 4) Utilize media Trade around demand generation efforts to buildout awareness tactics. 5) Utilize owned channels, scale to tactical demand generation efforts while complementing with paid media options. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS - High-level KPIs include (pre-campaign benchmarks): - Positive GRE on paid media. +4:1. - Trade media value of +$1,000,000 - Re-designed website that increases conversions +3% - Increased brand awareness as measured by a Dynata Brand Study. - Incremental conversions as measured by Verizon First Party Insight.
Results: Which of your original goals did you achieve and how? How did you measure the effectiveness of the piece or campaign? Entrants should provide quantifiable results of their tactics or campaigns. (for example, click through rates or ad equivalency)
Extremely successful campaign that exceeded expectations in terms of GRE, brand awareness and incremental rooms booked. Estimated incremental lift of $11M attributed to our summer marketing efforts, resulting in a 6:1 GRE. Website - Website conversion rates improved 10% YoY (3.2% vs. 2.9%) thanks to our new website rollout. Dynata Brand Study Insights - The digital paid campaign successfully drove all brand metrics significantly. KPI metrics including Aided Brand Awareness and Brand Consideration was up by +19% and +10% respectively. - Brand perception “distinctive resort features” was increased the most (+15%) and was the most agreed perception amongst the exposed audience Verizon First Party Insights - The digital paid campaign saw a 134% increase in incremental conversions and 65.3% increase in incremental branded searches from exposed users. The campaign was also exposed to 10.5M unique viewers?and drove over 67K clicks to the site. Media - 22k TV spots; 18k radio spots; 200M paid digital impressions; 305 print ads; 6 OOH; Trade - $1.9M in trade value Paid Display - .5:1 GRE; 64M impressions; CTR +3 base points above our benchmark of .08% TrueView Video Display Campaign - TrueView video display pilot drove a video completion rate of 46% (above our 40% benchmark) Paid Search - 11.2:1 GRE (all location outperformed GRE goal of 5); GRE is up 26% compared to same period last year for Branded campaigns. The channel contributed more than 1.9k attributed bookings. Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest - 3.5:1 GRE - 42M impressions and 2.3M video views. Avg. CTR of .75% (vs. our benchmark of .08%) - Facebook brought in 3.8k attributed bookings. Other - CARDLYTICS: 15:1 GRE with 5.2k attributed RNs - EXPEDIA: 23:1 GRE with 1k attributed RNs - TRAVEL ADS/PLUS: 15:1 GRE with 4.5k attributed RNs
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Gaylord Hotels - Recovery Strategy (Summer 2020)
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